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Mini Birthday Package-  139.99+tx   5 Children + 2 Adults   Table on the mezzanine reserved for 2 hours  Bowl of popcorn + 2 pitchers   Woohoo Birthday Cake   Plates, naps, party hats  Extra children and adults passes available at the general admission desk.  _______________________________________________________  Pinic Birthday package- 249.99+tx  8 Children + 6 Adults   Table on the mezzanine reserved for 3 hours  2 Bowls of popcorn + 3 pitchers    One free Large Cheese Pizza (Promotion)   Woohoo Birthday Cake -    Plates, naps, party hats  Free Child admission pass for birthday child  Extra Child - 17.99  Extra Adult - 6.99        Willy’s Birthday- Private Room Package- 329.99+tx  8 Children + 6 Adults   Private Room reserved for 3 hours  Bring your own Food! (Only for private room events) / You can also order from our Menu.   3 free Rock-climbing attempts per child  3 Bowls of popcorn + 3 pitchers –   One free Large Cheese Pizza (Promotion)   Woohoo Birthday Cake   Plates, naps, party hats  Free Child admission pass for the next visit   Free Woohoo T-Shirt    Extra child - 18.99   Extra adult -  6.99   Extra Options:   Rock climbing- 3.00+tx  Bungee Trampoline- 5.00+tx  Surprise Bags – 4.00+tx  Private Server for 1 Hour- 30.00+tx  Extra Pitcher (Coffee, Juice, Soft drink) - 8.00+tx  Extra Popcorn Bowl- 7.00+tx  Theme Birthday -  50.00+tx  Over 20 Children get 10% OFF your initial birthday package   _________________________________________________________________________________________________  Extra Meal Options:  Large 16" Pizza (Cheese/Peperoni) 21.99 +tx  French Fries Platter (8-10 portions) 17.99+tx  Hot Dog Platter (12) 22.99+tx  Chicken nuggets Platter (40) 29.99+tx  Mini Chicken Panini Platter (21) 44.99+tx  Garden Vegetable Platter 18.99+tx  Large Caesar Salad (6-8 Portions) 29.99+tx



Nae Carpio

Awesome! Staff is really nice and service is excellent. Good Job Woohoo!

Denis Anderson

Everything was well done. Accommodations were perfect for the size of our group. We were very pleased with our Party

Darena Peueva

Woohoo is an amazing place for celebrating a birthday party. Very nice and super clean. Everybody is very friendly. We will definitly come back for another party or just for a day of fun! You guys are super. Thank You

Sam Attia

Very good job and well done, all the prep work for the birthday was great. Very much much appreciated!

Elizabeth Cabral

Everything was great, organized and staff was helpful. We were very happy with service and event! 


Place is wonderful and clean. I just hope the food is more affordable for packages :) 


This is the second time we are celebrating Timofey's birthday at Woohoo. We absolutely love it and the kids have so much fun!

Davidson H.

Very nice service. Thank you so much

Sofia Pasteris Montecalvo

Wonderful food, service and great time all around. Thank you many times over. 

Jack Dodds

Very impressed with the number of staff around, very helpful, very clean, good food too!

Kim Waish

A great party, great staff. Will definitely do future parties here.

Kathryn Eldes

Great "turnkey" party. Safe, Fun, kids had a great Time.

Eogan Jackson

Very nice place, clean and the personnel is very kind. I will be back for my second daughter party. Area of the playground is big enough for all kids

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