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May we bring in our own food?

We ONLY  allow food from the outside ON MONDAYS. The only exception to that rule is sweets for party reservations and lunch boxes for school reservations and daycare centers.

Can we leave the center and come back later during the day?

You may leave the center for a maximum of 30 minutes and return. As a rule, general admission is good for only one entry for the day.

Do you take payments over the phone?


Yes we do but only for event reservations or group events! Please call us at (450) 218-6699.

Do you require a deposit for parties and birthdays ?

Yes we do! We ask for 20% deposit.

Do you have theme parties and/or cakes?

Theme parties/ cakes will soon be made available.

Are there lockers and/or coat check available?

Lockers are available in limited quantities. You may bring your own lock or rent a lock at our reception desk for $3.00.

May I enter the center with my shoes or boots?

Upon your arrival, you can leave your coat, shoes and boots in our locker room. We want to ensure that our floors remain dry for all those walking around in their socks.

I forgot my socks...

No worries! Socks are available for purchase at the front desk for 2.00$ + taxes/pair.  SOCKS ARE MANDATORY WITHIN THE STRUCTURE.

Is rock climbing included in general admission?

Rock climbing is NOT included in general admission prices. Rock climbing tickets are available for $3.50 + taxes for 3 tries per ticket at our restaurant counter or general admission counter.

Is spider jump trampoline included in general admission?

Spider jump trampoline is NOT included in general admission prices. Tickets are available for $4.75 + taxes for 3minutes at our restaurant counter or general admission counter.

May I bring helium balloons?

We do not recommend helium balloons because of our high ceilings. Should you choose to bring them, we suggest they have a heavy base to keep them grounded.

What options do you have for a 2nd birthday child?

See our additional options section for birthday packages for more details.

May I have a discount if I'm pregnant?

Free admission is only accorded to grand parents  55 years or older and children under the age of 12 months.

If I lose a token in your games, am I reimbursed?

Yes you will be reimbursed a token should one of our machines malfunction and swallow your token. However, extra tokens purchased are not reimbursable for cash.

Do you supply plates, cups and utensils for birthday parties?

Yes! We supply everything you need to throw a party!

How does your security system work with bracelets? Are all the doors locked?

Each family will have a number written on their bracelets upon entry to identify the children with their guardians. The exit door remains locked until bracelet verification is completed by the staff.

My child was attending a birthday party at your center. May I be let in to pick him/her up?

For security purposes, we will ask you to have the contact information of the adult responsible of your child’s party. He/she is responsible for your child’s safety and well-being while at our center. He/she must bring your child to the front exit doors. We will not, under any circumstances, allow an adult into the center alone.

Can I decorate my party room?

You may decorate your party room once your reservation time has begun. Tape is not accepted to decorate the walls. You must use blue sticky – tack (on sale at the front desk) so that our walls are not damaged.

Can I come earlier to play in the structure before my actual party reservation?

You may arrive only 15-20 minutes before the start of your reservation so that we may be able to receive you in the best and most efficient way possible. After the duration of your reservation, you may, however, stay at our center as long as you wish!

Can I rent a room or a table on the mezzanine without having a party package?

Our rooms are often rented for occasions other than birthday parties. Our prices are standard regardless of the event chosen. 

Can I bring my own cake without having a party reservation?

No food from the outside is permitted unless a party reservation is made at our center.

Can I buy a Woo-Hoo birthday cake without having a reservation?

Woo-Hoo birthday cakes are available without a reservation. The price is $25 + tax and you have the choice between chocolate and vanilla.

Are tights considered socks?

Tights are unfortunately not considered socks. Socks are required at all times to ensure our play structure stays clean and bacteria free!

How often do you clean/disinfect the structure?

Our structure is disinfected weekly or as needed should there be any accidents within the play structure during a particular day. Plastic balls in our toddler section are disinfected daily.

What is the minimum age for a person to escort children in your facilities?

Attendants must be minimum 18 years of age. 


Nae Carpio

Awesome! Staff is really nice and service is excellent. Good Job Woohoo!

Denis Anderson

Everything was well done. Accommodations were perfect for the size of our group. We were very pleased with our Party

Darena Peueva

Woohoo is an amazing place for celebrating a birthday party. Very nice and super clean. Everybody is very friendly. We will definitly come back for another party or just for a day of fun! You guys are super. Thank You

Sam Attia

Very good job and well done, all the prep work for the birthday was great. Very much much appreciated!

Elizabeth Cabral

Everything was great, organized and staff was helpful. We were very happy with service and event! 


Place is wonderful and clean. I just hope the food is more affordable for packages :) 


This is the second time we are celebrating Timofey's birthday at Woohoo. We absolutely love it and the kids have so much fun!

Davidson H.

Very nice service. Thank you so much

Sofia Pasteris Montecalvo

Wonderful food, service and great time all around. Thank you many times over. 

Jack Dodds

Very impressed with the number of staff around, very helpful, very clean, good food too!

Kim Waish

A great party, great staff. Will definitely do future parties here.

Kathryn Eldes

Great "turnkey" party. Safe, Fun, kids had a great Time.

Eogan Jackson

Very nice place, clean and the personnel is very kind. I will be back for my second daughter party. Area of the playground is big enough for all kids

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